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What's Holding Your Organization Back?

Tried and true marketing and sales methodologies aren't effective with the Digital Buyer. There are eight obstacles organizations have to overcome to navigate the new paths to business growth successfully.

No Alignment
Your Website
Your Content
Sales Team
Marketing Team
Hubspot Usage
No Video
Outside Agencies

You Don't Have Alignment Between Your Sales & Marketing

Before: Companies whose sales and marketing departments don't see eye to eye are struggling: they lose 4-10% of potential revenue per year, have much longer sales cycles, and have a higher customer acquisition cost. 

After: Once you align both teams and create a revenue team, you can expect drastically better closing rates and +200% more revenue from marketing.

Your Website Is A Liability Rather Than An Asset

Before: You need your website to generate high-quality leads, but a poorly defined value proposition,  vague messaging, and unclear information paths are confusing your visitors and hindering conversions. A website redesign might help, but how can you be sure it will solve those problems?

After: Instead of an aesthetic redesign, you save thousands of dollars and focus instead on streamlining your messaging and optimizing your conversion paths.

Your Content Is Ineffective & You Aren't Sure Why

Before: You have tried your best with inbound marketing: you published blogs, sent emails, and posted on social media, but the results are uninspiring, and you are not sure why. 

After: You can directly attribute revenue to all your standard inbound marketing tactics, such as single blog posts, landing pages, and campaigns. You know exactly what works and what is a waste of time.

Your Sales Team Is Underperforming 

Before: Your salespeople are wasting time sending large batches of generic cold emails, talking to unqualified leads, and chasing up ill-fit prospects. The results in too long sales cycles, high dropout ratios, and low close rates.

After: Your sales team has a steady pipeline of leads to follow up with. Because they have the content assets they need, they heavily lean on content assignments throughout the sales cycle, allowing them to close more deals in less time.

You Don't Know How To Build Your Internal Marketing Team Effectively

Before: Your marketing team is small and wears too many hats. They are Jacks of all trades, and masters of none. You know you need to change that, but you have no idea where to start. What roles should you hire? How will you train and onboard them?

After: After making the decision to take ownership and bring your marketing back in-house, you can re-invest the money you save an agency fees and advertisement spend in developing and training your internal marketing team.

You Are Not Using HubSpot Properly

Before: You are thinking about or already purchased marketing automation tooling and a CRM like Hubspot but your sales and marketing team aren’t using it to its fullest potential.

After: After being sufficiently trained, everyone is cohesively using Hubspot which now is providing an excellent ROI to the company.

You Aren't Utilizing Video In Marketing Or Sales

Before: You might have tried video in the past but without much success. You have no end-to-end video strategy or the ability to track how video contributes to sales.

After: Your marketing, sales, and other parts of the organization create video content aligned with your buyer’s journey. Even without expensive equipment or fancy setups, you can generate qualified leads and help close deals.

You Are Dependent On Your Outside Agencies For Growth

Before: Despite stagnant results and frustration on both sides, you keep paying your marketing agency monthly retainer fees because you cannot do without them. 

After: Your internally written content performs dramatically better as you are aligned with your company’s goals, your buyer’s journey, and your audience’s needs. You have access to internal experts who are able and willing to contribute to content creation.

How We Can Help

Digital Marketing & Sales Mastery

Transform your business into a customer-first organization and develop and improve your digital marketing and sales competencies in-house so you can close more deals faster without ever having to rely on a marketing agency again.

Companies We Work With

Packages & Pricing

They Ask, You Answer Mastery Coaching
18-24 month coaching and training program aiming to close more deals faster without having to rely on a marketing agency every again.
Done For You Inbound Marketing
Most of our clients invest around $7,500 into their monthly inbound marketing retainers, but retainers range from $5,800 to $9,000.
Website Design
one-time payment
Website design pricing depends on the scope of the website, but small business websites start at around $8000.

How It Works


1. Talk to an advisor

Schedule a quick 15-20 minute call with an advisor to get your questions answered and learn more about the program. This way, you have all the facts to decide for yourself if this is worth exploring further. Depending on the next steps, you might have a second meeting to meet the coach.

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2. Dive Deeper & Develop A Plan

If we both decide to move forward, we will schedule an exploratory call to dive deeper into your unique challenges and needs. This will give a better understanding of your business, your sales process, and your marketing efforts to develop a plan.

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3. Grow Your Business

Now, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. If we decide to work together, it is our goal to make you our next award-winning case study. 

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“Meeting 3P Creative Group is the best thing that's happened to our company. Over the course of a generative four-year partnership, the proactive and diligent team’s strategy and contributions helped increase annual revenue from $2.5 million to over $13 million.”
“In the past 5 months, 3P has not only re-designed our website, jump-started our blog and social media, and created some of the best content on blockchain out there, but has also impacted our business significantly. We are now being approached by industry leaders, investors, and publications alike on a weekly basis.”