Strategic. Focused. Creative. 

Hannah Eisenberg is the CEO and founder of 3P Creative Group. 

Before founding 3P Creative Group (formerly known as Organic SEO Press) in April 2012, Hannah was a Senior Marketing Manager at SAP Corporate Strategy & Global Marketing for 10 years. There, she was responsible for watching competitive moves, compiling long- and short-term strategy scenarios, and formulating a game plan for the SAP Executive Board and the SAP Supervisory Board on a regular basis. In her role, she also worked closely with Product Marketing, Product Management, Partner Management, and Sales.


An entrepreneur at heart, Hannah left the corporate world, big paychecks, and amazing benefits because she is truly passionate about using her experience, strategic thinking, and creativity to help other software and technology companies grow. Hannah combines strategic business expertise with extensive inbound marketing experience.

Her highly analytical way of thinking and her boundless creativity translates for clients into a marketing strategy that will transform their businesses.

After growing 3P Creative Group from the ground up for 2 years, Hannah realized the potential of partnering with HubSpot, the world’s leading inbound marketing platform. Within 55 days of becoming a HubSpot Partner, Hannah had not only relaunched her website to make it more inbound optimized, but she had also become HubSpot Certified and Partner Certified in May 2014.

Hannah was recognized for her work by NJ Biz as the Emerging Business of the Year finalist 2015, and by HubSpot as the HubSpot Impact Award finalist, Best Smart Content finalist 2015 and HubSpot Impact Award winner Q2/2016 for Best Client Growth Story.

"The problem is the solution." — Bill Mollison

If she is not working, Hannah is passionate about Permaculture Design, in which she is currently getting certified. Her goal is to transform her wooded, rocky homestead into a perennial food forest with maximum biodiversity that grows most of her family's food by 2021. She also loves cooking, photography, art history, and traveling — in fact, Hannah has traveled to more than 35 countries and lived in 5 countries / 3 continents.

As a native German, she is fluent in both English and German and holds a Diploma Degree in Computer Science and Economics (focus Marketing) from the University Goettingen, Germany. She lives with her husband and 2 daughters in Highland Lake, New York. 

As individuals, we are passionate about our local Upstate New York community:

  • Support local farms through participating in Community Supported Agriculture
  • Volunteer as a local 4-H leader to teach nutrition and Permaculture
  • Educate people on more sustainable alternatives or ways to reduce resources and reduce waste by leveraging the power of technology
  • Raise awareness for environmentally and socially more responsible alternatives, such as solar power, organic food and much more
  • Avoid tons of direct mail which accounts for 2.4% of the total municipal solid waste generated in the U.S. annually. 
  • Empower triple bottom line businesses that have as part of their mission statement to create a positive impact (e.g., clean water)