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Content Marketing Coaching:
Build trust & close more deals faster.

80% of the B2B or B2C buyer's purchase decision is already made by the time a prospect contacts you. The right kind of Content Marketing allows you to educate your buyers and build trust, which leads to faster sales cycles and more closed deals. 


# Of Pages Read

Did you know that, on average, if a lead reads 30 pages of content that is strategically aligned with their buyer's journey before meeting with you, they have an 80% likelihood of closing?


Blog Post Views

That's the result we achieved on a single blog post for one of our enterprise software company clients, drawing the attention of Microsoft, HP, Wipro, and other industry giants.


Attributed Revenue

A different blog post directly influenced more than £685,000 in revenue (first interaction), bringing in more than 500 leads. And because the blog post is evergreen, it continues to contribute.

From Zero to Hero in 9 Weeks

Learn how to take your content marketing in-house to achieve better results, such as a more authentic brand voice, higher engagement by sharing expert advice, and better sales alignment resulting in shorter sales cycles and higher close rates.

Week 1: Identify Your Target

Develop an in-depth understanding of your primary buyer personas and ideal customer profile and map out your customer journeys.

Week 2: Clarify Your Messaging

Define your value proposition and messaging to clearly communicate how your product or service benefits your customers.

Week 3: Sales Alignment

Aligning marketing and sales can increase lead generation by up to 67%. We will create a repeatable process to hold regular content-brainstorming sessions with sales.

Week 4: Content Training I

Discover why your content marketing hasn't been as successful as you had hoped, learn which blog post topics really move the dial (and which won't), and much more.

Week 5: Content Training II

Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of great content: how to write engaging blog intros, why it is important to have a consistent brand voice, what a style guide is, etc.

Week 6: Content Training III

Learn how to optimize your content for search engines (to get it found online) and for users (to deliver a great user experience and have them return for more).

Week 7: Sales Enablement

For immediate content ROI, we will teach you how to create the content your sales team needs to educate their buyers and therefore shorten sales cycles and close more deals.

Week 8: Pillar Pages & More

Now it is time to take your content to the next level and develop a pillar page and lead-generation / asset-creation strategy, incl. reusing content you already created.

Week 9: You Choose

Whether you are struggling with promoting your content on social media, or want to learn how to write sales or landing page copy better, this session's topic is your choice.

How much does it cost?

The investment for content coaching varies on the size of your team. If you have a small team of 4 people, e.g., an executive, a marketing lead, a sales lead, and a content manager, then the 9-week content coaching costs $9,500.

If you have a larger team or would like to make any customizations to the coaching program, please contact us for more details. 

How much time commitment does this require?

Depending on the week, time commitments required from executive management, sales, and the content team will vary.

  • Weeks 1 & 2: three hours a week of core executive management team, sales leader, marketing leader, and content manager
  • Weeks 3 & 7: sales and marketing leader, content manager
  • Weeks 4-6 & 8: three hours a week for the content manager only; marketing lead is optional
  • Week 9: content manager and marketing lead, plus additional people, depending on what you choose

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