Thought Leadership Content Generates 3x More Leads Than Traditional Marketing

Content Marketing is the fuel of any Inbound Marketing machine — without high-quality content, Inbound Marketing does not work. And it is much more effective than traditional advertising. For every dollar you spend on content marketing, you will get three times as many leads as with traditional marketing methods. And, on average, content marketing costs 62% less!

No wonder content marketing has become so popular. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketers are deploying content marketing. However, only 20% consider their content marketing efforts as very successful. They struggle with inadequate resources, lack of time, skills, and experience.

As a result, 56% of marketers outsource critical content marketing activities — with mixed results. Many inbound marketing agencies simply have a quick briefing conversation with the client before passing the information on to a huge roster of outsourced freelance writers. More often than not, this approach results in inadequate quality of the content created, inconsistency of voice, and poor return on investment. 


Our Proven Content Marketing Process

Although our clients are unique in their needs and goals, the secret to our successful content marketing is always the same: Our process that we have developed, refined, and polished over the past ten years:

  1. Develop an in-depth understanding of the client's business model, sales process, buyer personas, and goals
  2. Create a detailed pillar page-driven and content cluster-based content marketing strategy to focus on highest-impact areas first
  3. Plan out the pillar pages and their corresponding topic clusters into a long-term editorial calendar and tie them into strategically timed campaigns for maximum return-on-investment
  4. Execute on the editorial calendar by creating unique high-quality content through our in-house writing team as well as a carefully selected local journalists and writing talent
  5. Launch content after a rigorous editing, optimization, and quality control process, promote it on social media, email marketing, etc.
  6. Measure, tweak, and improve to increase the longevity, stickiness, and return-on-investment of a single piece of content

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What Our Content Marketing Can Do For You

Our holistic approach to content marketing enables us to cover all enterprise technology content needs. This could include:

  • Organic Traffic Creation. Outrank your competition and establish yourself as the thought leader with must-read pillar pages and their supporting topic cluster content that answer your buyer persona's most burning questions in the most helpful way.
  • Lead Generation. Generate a sustainable and ever-growing pipeline of qualified leads by offering your visitors helpful marketing assets they simply cannot resist, such as How-To Guides, Checklists, Product Demos, and much more.
  • Sales Enablement. Keep your sales team happy with an arsenal of high-quality content they can use throughout the entire sales process — and post-sale — to shorten sales cycles, decrease price sensitivity, and close more customers. This could be anything from helpful blog posts to sound bite snippets, to sales email templates, to pitch decks, to entire sales playbooks. 
  • Conversation Strategy. Utilize chat bots, live chat, knowledge base articles, and even support content to delight your prospects and customers when they need help the most. Our content creation team will plan, execute, and implement the content, and your team delivers the support. 

Our content marketing services are extremely versatile, are offered in form of 6 to 12-month retainers ranging from $3,000 to $8,000 a month. They are based on a value-based point price system that allows us to adjust our services to where you need us most. [Learn more about our value-based point pricing.]

Content Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Just looking for a helping hand to get your in-house team up and running fast?

Whether you just purchased a Hubspot license and want to see results as soon as possible or you have tried your hand at Inbound Marketing for a while and are disappointed with the results, we can help:

  • Inbound Marketing 101 workshop to get your entire organization on board and excited about content marketing

  • Detailed Content Marketing Strategy creation, including a thorough audit and a 3-6 months editorial calendar
  • Content Marketing Consulting to help you plan, execute and improve your content marketing efforts
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