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Inbound Marketing Strategy, Consulting, Training, & Coaching

Leverage our experience and expertise to kick-start your internal Inbound Marketing efforts, fast, efficiently, and successfully.


Strategy Playbook

Get your bespoke 12-month Inbound Marketing Strategy Playbook within 45 days or less.

Inbound Consulting

Get your custom 12-month Inbound Marketing Strategy Playbook within 45 days or less.

Content, Video & Hubspot Training

Get your in-house teams quickly and efficiently trained on content, video, and Hubspot.

They Ask, You Answer Coaching

Transform your marketing and sales by adopting They Ask, You Answer in just 12-24 months.

Your Inbound Marketing  Playbook In 45 Days 

In less than two months, our Inbound Marketing strategy team will audit your website, content, lead pipeline, conversion paths, and more. We will provide you with a detailed and actionable strategy playbook that maps out your content marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation strategy for the next 12 months. This 30+ page document includes:

  • Your primary target marketing, your buyer personas, and their buyer's journey map,
  • A detailed step-by-step list of action items, timeline, and budget outline necessary to achieve your Inbound Marketing goals,
  • Content Marketing Blueprint mapping out content clusters, pillar page, and blog post topics for three months to support your strategy,
  • A framework to measure your marketing return on investment (ROI).

This will not only be an invaluable tool for you to examine the success of current marketing spending but also make future marketing initiatives more efficient and effective as you can build on our extensive research.

One-time investment of $10,000 — making it more affordable and efficient than hiring a full-time Inbound Marketing Strategist. 


Inbound Marketing Consulting

Need someone to hold your team accountable or weekly expert advice and feedback on your campaigns to reach your full potential? Our 6-month, 12-month or ongoing consulting engagements seamlessly integrate with our 45-Day Inbound Marketing Playbook and will take your Inbound Marketing to the next level through:

  • Initial goal planning session to finalize tangible content creation as well as lead generation targets to ensure accountability and set up of reporting dashboards.
  • Weekly 1-hour calls with an experienced Inbound Marketing strategist to review your current projects and results, get practical implementation and optimization advice, and help planning your next campaigns. 
  • Monthly or quarterly executive stakeholder meetings to ensure business alignment and review progress.

In addition to helping B2B technology companies and other businesses, we have successfully helped new HubSpot Partners looking to jump-start their internal marketing. 

Consulting fees are value-based and depend on the length of the contract, but range between $1,500-$3,000 per month based on value-add.


Content, Video, & Hubspot Training

Our individualized yet curriculum-driven training allows your team to quickly develop the required core competencies.

  • Content Marketing Training. We help you hire, onboard, and train your internal content marketing resource to successfully and confidently interview for, create, optimize, publish, and promote outstanding content that is not only aligned with your buyers' needs but directly contributes to your bottom line.
  • Video Training. Learn how to produce high-performing marketing and sales videos that convert. Whether you want to utilize 1:1 videos in your prospecting and sales process or create marketing videos for your social media and landing pages, we will get you there.
  • Hubspot Training. Benefit from our almost 10-year tenure as a Certified Hubspot Solutions Partner and learn how to use Hubspot to maximize your ROI.

They Ask, You Answer Mastery Coaching

Adopt Marcus Sheridan's revolutionary sales and marketing philosophy, They Ask, You Answer, with us as your coach. In just 12-24 months, you will produce better content, get more and better-qualified leads, and close sales faster, without having to rely on an external marketing agency. This program includes:

  • Digital Scorecard to track your success,
  • 90-Day planning sessions to set quarterly priorities,
  • Bi-weekly executive coaching for long-term success,
  • Weekly training and coaching sessions (individual or group, as needed)
  • and more.

Investment required: For a mid-size company, the total investment until the graduation date is $131,000 (or $5250/month for 18-24 months), which includes a $5,000 commitment fee. 


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