6-Week Intensive Training

Boost Sales with Effective Communication Coaching

Learn the five principles of world-class sales communication for immediate results and long-term success.

What’s included?

6 weekly coaching sessions with your sales team:

  • Learn how to become great communicators by working through your current challenges
  • Review past calls and prepare for upcoming ones
  • Includes call reviews, role-plays, and practical exercises

3  bi-weekly coaching sessions of sales leader:

  • Review what’s working and what isn’t
  • Provide direct feedback on the sales team coaching
  • 1:1 communication coaching for you to become a better sales leader
Certified Sales Coaching

Does Your Team Need Sales Communication Coaching?

Is your team saying things like “I am just checking in to see if you are ready to move forward” or “Let me know if you have any questions”? Are your sales professionals flustered, stumped, or evasive when faced with difficult questions?

Weak sales communication results in costly mistakes, such as

  • Losing deals that should have been clear wins,
  • Longer-than-desired sales cycles, and
  • Lower-than-possible close rates. 

By learning and applying the five principles of world-class sales communication, you will not only benefit from immediate results, such as increased confidence, trust, and better sales outcomes, but also transform the way you sell long-term.

What's the cost & time commitment?



$7,500 one-time investment
(or 2x $3,950/month)

Time Commitment:

2.5-3 hours per week/salesperson
  • 90 minutes of coaching session
  • 60-90 minutes of self-learning & homework

Additional 90 minutes every two weeks for sales leader for 1:1 coaching

Includes Bonuses (Worth $1,975):

  • Email/Video script templates based on best practices
  • Access to online learning for further self-guided learning
  • Online scorecard to track quarterly progress toward mastery
  • Sample job descriptions and hiring playbook for supportive roles
  • 36 article topics that directly support your sales process
  • Outline for buyer’s guide (to be produced by your marketing team)
  • Quality checklists for 1:1 personalized videos, virtual selling, and assignment selling
"For those of you looking for top-tier sales coaching, Hannah is the way to go. I've been working with Hannah for about a year now and it has been phenomenal."
John Matthew Ortiz

Sales Manager, MiaRec

What outcomes can I expect?


Your sales team will learn how to:

  • Show up as a trusted advisor in any sales situation
  • Handle any question or objection without flinching
  • Get your prospects to have more skin in the game — even before the call
  • Deliver an engaging product demo that doesn't feel like a pitch
  • Ask deeper discovery questions that uncover the root problem rather than just the symptoms
  • End a call with clear outcomes and mutual agreement on next steps 
  • Communicate the little things that often get in the way, e.g., asking everyone to switch on their cameras

You, as the sales leader, will learn how to:

  • Hold effective one-on-one meetings with your team members
  • Give candid and constructive feedback that empowers your team members to grow
  • Instill a culture of continuous growth and improvement
  • Implement regular role-plays, call reviews, watch parties, and other professional development opportunities
Best of all, you will never have to say “sell more” ever again.

Are you a good fit?

Your organization is a good fit for this program if:

  • You have no principle-based framework that helps guide sales conversations
  • You are not recording, watching, and reviewing calls regularly
  • You are not roleplaying and practicing objection-handing, difficult call scenarios, or even routine sales situations
  • As a sales leader, you have never been trained to hold effective 1:1s with your team members and are struggling to give candid and constructive feedback

What is required of you to be successful: 

  • Your sales leader aspires to greatness, prioritizes your team’s growth, is willing to invest in the program, and holds the teams accountable
  • You are actually willing to do the work within a program to truly get the benefits
  • You recognize that specific and constructive feedback is necessary to achieve the goal
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How To Get Started

Schedule a meeting

Ready to learn more? Schedule a free meeting with your coach to learn how this communication coaching can help your organization achieve its sales goals. 

Get to know your coach

This first conversation will be with the coach you would be working with, not a salesperson, which will give you a first impression of what coaching would be like. 

Mutually agree to move forward (or not)

We only take on coaching clients that are a good fit (e.g., they are willing to put in the work and are open to constructive feedback) and we hope that you are very picky as well with whom you trust your sales growth to. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hannah Eisenberg is a They Ask, You Answer certified coach who specializes in helping smaller sales teams (5-10 reps) excel by sharpening their soft skills. She has more than 20+ years of digital marketing and sales experience and has worked for both large companies like SAP and smaller Microsoft partners in the B2B technology space.

Although we start every client engagement with the expectation that we will work together for the agreed-upon time, you are not locked into that. We believe that if you decide to work with us, you must receive clear value. If you don't receive any value, you have the right to stop the engagement with us. 

This coaching program is six (6) weeks. It can be extended to a full They Ask, You Answer sales training or a They Ask, You Answer mastery program. 

As for the time commitment required, each salesperson should anticipate 90-minute online training sessions with the coach and 60-90 minutes of self-guided learning and assignment completion every week. As a sales leader, you will have an additional coaching session every two weeks which will take 60-90 minutes each.