How Much Does It Cost To Work With Us?

Invest in your team and grow your business with digital sales and marketing training and coaching.


Training & Coaching

Digital Marketing Training
/per month
Invest in your team with small group training. Available tracks: Content Mastery, Video Mastery, Hubspot Mastery, and Website Mastery. 6-12 month curriculum depending on track. It is possible to combine tracks.
Weekly 1-hour training sessions
Guided self-learning through video-based training
Learning by doing through assigned homework
Access to quality checklists, hiring playbooks, and more
Digital scorecards per role
Includes Impact+ Pro Seat
1:1 CEO Coaching
/per month
Eliminate blind spot, become a better communicator and leader, and overhaul your company mission and corporate culture to create the company you always dreamt off. Based on a proven framework used successfully by thousands of companies.
Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching
Quarterly Planning Session
Digital scorecard
They Ask You Answer Mastery
Recommended for companies looking for fully individualized They Ask You Answer coaching and training.
Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop
Quarterly Planning Session
Bi-weekly 1:1 leadership coaching
Weekly 1:1 Content Training
Weekly 1:1 Videographer Training
Weekly 1:1 Hubspot Training
Weekly 1:1 Website Training
Intensive Sales Training
Access to all digital training and resources such as online training, quality checklists, playbooks and more

Initial set up fee: $2,000 (non-refundable).

MiaRec chose to incorporate TAYA framework because it aligned with our core values of being honest and transparent in what we do and genuinely care about our customer's success. We want to be a trusted advisor for our customers and provide all the information needed for them to make an informed decision when buying voice analytics software.

They Asked, You Answer gives us a way to do that and become the Trusted Voice in our Industry. Only five months into the mastery journey, we already see dramatic results. 45% increase in blog traffic, but more importantly, prospective buyers and partners give us very positive feedback on the pricing and self-service tools as well as on other useful content created and shared by MiaRec as part of the program.

Working with Hannah has been absolutely amazing, her dedication to success, work ethics and professionalism is above and beyond. We are absolutely excited to continue working with Hannah as our coach and can not wait to see where this journey brings us, as we 100% believe in the program, our coach, and our mutual success.
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What else do I need?

Marketing Automation & CRM/Sales Software

Almost all businesses that have seen success with They Ask, You Answer have incorporated HubSpot, Vidyard, and Semrush or similar into their plans. Generally, the cost of the software is between $1,000 and $3,500 per month.

In-house Content Manager & Videographer

Your They Ask, You Answer success will heavily rely on having a content manager and videographer on staff. While salaries vary by location and skill set, most companies budget $45,000-65,000/year for entry-level positions.

Video Equipment

To ensure the success of your videography and video content, it is essential to have the right audio equipment, camera, lighting, and backdrop. Typically, businesses invest anywhere between $1,800 and $10,000 in equipment when hiring a videographer.


How do I choose the right program level?

Which They Ask, You Answer mastery program level is right for you depends on various factors, like the size of your organization, how willing you are to learn on your own,  the speed at which you want/need to transform your business, and much more. 

Generally speaking, guided digital training is for small companies, such as an architectural firm with less than $2.5 million in annual revenue. Their team consists of a marketing manager and a business development person looking to hire an in-house content manager and videographer. They have a dedicated TAYA leader who will hold the team accountable and full executive buy-in from the CEO/founder of the company. 

Cohort training is for small to medium-sized companies (up to about $2.5 million in annual revenue) who are looking to implement TAYA for the next two years but don't want to do it by themselves but as part of a structured group program that still provides plenty of individual attention. 

Our coach-led They Ask, You Answer Mastery Program is for small to mid-size companies, such as modular house manufacturers, construction companies, and large architectural firms, with up to $20 million in annual revenue. They already have 2-3 marketing people in addition to 2-10 sales reps on board. They thrive with full individual attention, tailored timelines, and fully customized 1:1 training.

Is IMPACT+ included in my set-up fee?

Yes, every program level includes an IMPACT+ for Business subscription in the initial setup fee. This will give access to the IMPACT online community and TAYA Mastermind groups, all of the online training courses, your online scorecards, and passes to in-person events such as the "They Ask, You Answer" Summit and IMPACT Live.

Do you offer free initial coaching to test the waters?

Committing to coaching is a big deal. If you go to the gym and hire a personal trainer, you also want to have a free trial lesson to see if you are comfortable. That's why your coach will spend the first few hours with you diving into your marketing and sales challenges, mapping your current state against your future goals, and providing actionable insights  for free and before you sign a coaching agreement. 

Who are the coaches and trainers?

All of our They Ask, You Answer coaches you will work with are certified by Impact and have been trained by Marcus Sheridan and the Impact head coaches. Our trainers are experts in their respective fields and have been trained in They Ask, You Answer.

Can I cancel? Will I be locked in?

Although our programs are laid out for a specific timeline (12 to 24 months), we never want you to feel like you are locked in because it is crucial to us that you get value out of working with us. If the value isn't there anymore, you can cancel 30 days in advance. 

If you paid a year upfront, you will receive the remainder of the balance (adding the 10% discount you received for paying ahead) from the month your cancellation takes effect (30 days after you notify us). 

Are there any add-ons you offer?

Yes, we offer StoryBrand-based website redesign services to help you get jump-started with your They Ask, You Answer journey. In addition, we offer value proposition &  messaging and buyer persona workshops). Contact us for more details.

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Held by trained world-class coaches, our workshops are designed to be transformational for you as an organization, resulting in an immediate ROI. They are also a great way to experience what it would be like to work with us.

$2,950 | 1 Day In-Person Or 2 Half Days Virtual

Value Proposition & Messaging Workshop

In this workshop, we will lead you through a proven process to (re)define your value proposition and messaging so its easy-to-understand and instantly relatable.

Workshop (2)
$1,950 | 1/2 Day In Person Or Virtual

Buyer Persona Definition Workshop

In this workshop, you will crystalize whom you should and shouldn't primarily address in your marketing messages, sales conversations, and other messaging. This results in more precise targeting, better quality leads, and higher conversion rates.