How Much Does It Cost?

We know that pricing is one of the most crucial points when making a business decision. So we are upfront and 100% transparent about it. 

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Inbound Marketing & Sales Enablement Services

While every client is unique and requires different services, below are some price ranges that will give you a basic idea. 

Inbound Starter
For companies with no or small internal marketing team looking to get started with Inbound Marketing.
42 Flexible Credit Points*
Quarterly Planning Sessions
Monthly Progress Reports
Project Management & Weekly Syncs
Inbound & Sales Mastery
For companies looking to drastically grow their revenue by effectively aligning sales and marketing teams.
62 Flexible Credit Points*
Revenue Content Team
Quarterly Planning Sessions
Monthly Progress Reports
Project Management & Weekly Syncs
Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop
Customer-Centric Sales Enablement Assets

Flexible Credit Points

Flexible credit points allow us to adjust our monthly marketing activities based on what is required at the moment. While we strongly recommend reserving a number of points for foundational activities, such as engaging on social media and writing customer-centric blog articles, the remainder can be allocated to creating a pillar page one month and infographics and explainer videos the following.  This way, you are never locked in. 

To give you an idea, 42 credit points could, for example, include one complete Inbound Marketing campaign from beginning to end (incl. copywriting & designing of the guide, eBook, or whitepaper, creation of the landing and thank you page, promo/follow-up emails, Call-to-Action buttons, promotion on website and social media), as well some basic website additions/edits.

On the other hand, 62 credit points could provide you in one month with one (1) customer case study (designed PDF or website page, 60-second video, and the conversion path), four (4) deep-dive, long-form blog articles that answer your buyers' questions and can be used by sales in assignment selling, as part of sales sequences or in nurture workflows.

The important thing to keep in mind is that these are flexible and can be used each month differently based on what needs to get done at the time. However, this doesn't mean we randomly add "stuff" to the list. Our 90-day planning session will provide a strategic direction to ensure we are moving towards our goals.

They Ask, You Answer Coaching Program

Starting at $4,000/month & one-time setup fee of $5,000

Remain in complete control and, over the next 18 months, learn how to master high-performing Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement in-house with 3P Creative Group's coaching and training program based on the highly successful They Ask, You Answer model. 

  • 90-Day Planning Sessions
  • Bi-Weekly Executive Coaching
  • Weekly Content/Video/Hubspot 1:1 or Group Coaching
  • Sales Training (as needed)

After you graduate from the program, you are independent of any marketing agencies, have a clear strategy and a well-oiled machine to execute it. 




Held by trained world-class coaches, our workshops are designed to be transformational for you as an organization, resulting in an immediate ROI. They are also a great way to experience what it would be like to work with us.

$5,750 | 1 Day In-Person Or 2 Half Days Virtual

Value Proposition & Messaging Workshop

In this workshop, we will lead you through a proven process to (re)define your value proposition and messaging so its easy-to-understand and instantly relatable.

Workshop (2)
$3,950 | 1/2 Day In Person Or Virtual

Buyer Persona Definition Workshop

In this workshop, you will crystalize whom you should and shouldn't primarily address in your marketing messages, sales conversations, and other messaging. This results in more precise targeting, better quality leads, and higher conversion rates. 



Beautiful Websites That Tell Your Story & Get The Job Done

Whether you prefer a one-time project or improve your website over time based on user feedback, we design and build your website with a customer-first attitude to ensure the best possible user experience.

For Small Business
one-time payment over two months
Ideal for straightforward website projects or smaller companies.
Launch In 45 Days Or Less
15 Website Pages
3 Conversion Paths (e.g., Demo, Consultation, Request A Quote)
Inbound Marketing/Conversion Focused
Mobile-Responsive & SEO Optimized
90-Day Inbound Marketing Success Plan (incl. Blog Titles)
For Mature Companies
one-time payment over three months
For companies with diverse products or services and multiple buyer personas.
Launch In 60 Days Or Less
25-30 Website pages (up to 10 high-impact)
3 BOFU Conversion Paths & 1 New Marketing Offer
Inbound Marketing/Conversion Focused
Mobile-Responsive & SEO Optimized
90-Day Inbound Marketing Success Plan (incl. Blog Titles)
For Growth-Driven Companies
For data-driven companies who are looking to achieve an outstanding customer experience & higher conversions over time.
Launchpad Website In Less Than 60 Days
Can Be Integrated With They Ask, You Answer / Inbound Marketing Program
Strategically Improve Over Time (Agile Approach)
Depending on the scope of work, the usual Growth-Driven Design budget is between $4,000 to $8,000 per month.

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