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We are the experts in content and inbound marketing when it comes to B2B technology and enterprise software companies.

You Choose The Speed, We Do The Rest.

Depending on your goals, business model, and sales strategy, we create the perfect blend of Inbound Marketing ingredients for you and then execute it from the initial research to the final optimization and everything in between, including:

  • Strategy: Defining buyer personas, creating value proposition & messaging frameworks, editorial calendars, workflow automation, and more.
  • Inbound Marketing: Crafting in-depth blog posts, lead generation assets, conversion paths, promotional emails, newsletters, and more.
  • Sales Enablement: Copywriting customizable sales email templates, sales playbooks, competitive positioning statements, and more.
  • Customer Experience: Crafting help articles, frequently asked questions, reusable sound bites for your support desk, and much more.

Our retainers are point-based, meaning you choose how fast you want to go by investing in a certain amount of points per month, and we build the most effective program for you.


What It Looks Like

While all of our monthly Inbound Marketing retainers are different, they all consist of three key components:

  • Foundational activities (must-dos) to build a strong base for your Inbound Marketing success over time. This includes continuous blogging to build your organic lead pipeline and email marketing to engage your existing database.
  • Driver activities (should dos) to build and promote specific campaigns or themes, for example, creating new marketing and sales assets, pillar pages, and such.
  • Strategy, reporting, and account management, including quarterly planning sessions, monthly progress reports, and weekly sync meetings.

As you grow and your needs change, your monthly retainer activities will adjust.

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