Meet Your New Best Salesperson: Your Website

If you think looks are important, but performance is critical when it comes to websites, you have come to the right place.

Scale your website, grow your business

Your Website Is More Than A Pretty Face

Most websites are built to look pretty, but that's not the point. They miss so many opportunities. What if your website could shorten your sales cycles by guiding your prospects through their buyer's journey? What if your website could dynamically adjust to your visitor's context to deliver an outstanding user experience? And what if we could teach you how to do it yourself?

What You Need To Succeed


Traditional Web Design vs. Growth-Driven Design

Traditional Web Design

Choose this option if you are looking for a one-time website design or refresh project lasting between three to six months to achieve a specific goal:

  • Launch your new website within 3-6 months, depending on size and complexity
  • Includes strategy (e.g., buyer persona definition and information architecture), copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, web design, and development
  • Mobile responsive (Bootstrap-based) and optimized for lead generation and inbound marketing
  • After launch, testing, and hand-over are completed, there are no further improvements; there is only maintenance if desired
  • Suitable for more traditional companies who would rather not rely on user input and prefer to invest a larger lump sum every few years

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Growth-Driven Design

Choose this option if you are looking to improve your website performance and user experience over time using a data-driven, SCRUM-like approach:

  • Within 30-45 days, we will complete your Growth-Driven Design strategy (including website audits, heat maps, conversion analysis, buyer persona definition, and more) and go live with your new Launchpad website
  • Continuous monthly improvements are made based on user preferences (e.g., personalization, contextual behavior, adding new features) and within the guardrails of the strategy
  • Performance goes far beyond traditional web design as the website is constantly fine-tuned and optimized based on data and user input
  • Suitable for strategic-minded, data-driven organizations who value objective performance over personal opinions and prefer to spread the investment out over a longer time

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Complex Technology Made Approachable

Most technology websites have one thing in common: their inability to step away from their product and explain the benefits to potential buyers in an easy-to-understand way. Instead, they waffle on endlessly about the latest features and functions — often using made-up or incomprehensible tech jargon and buzzwords (remember Service Oriented Architecture, anyone?).

Let's give them what they want and build websites that make relevant content (thought leadership) easy to find, access, and consume. Let's build websites that are highly personalized and adapt contextually based on the visitor's history with our company, their location, and other data points. 

User Experience


Optimized With Lead Generation In Mind

Your website can be so much more than simply an online showroom or brochure — it can capture and nurture prospects all the way from their initial broad-topic research to making a purchase and beyond.

By mapping your primary and secondary conversion paths and strategically placing enticing call-to-action buttons on your website pages and blog posts, we create steady streams of quality leads for your sales teams to follow up with!

Depending on the stage in the buyer's cycle, we will ask an appropriate amount of questions and progressively queue additional questions to enable you to learn as much as possible before having a conversation with your new lead. 

This data gets automatically stored in a central CRM that allows you to keep all activity and website analysis data, GDPR consent, and submitted information in one central location. 

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Specialized In B2B Technology Companies & Sustainable Businesses

As a computer scientist and marketer, Hannah Eisenberg, the founder and chief strategist of 3P Creative Group and SAP Global Marketing veteran, understands how important it is to market highly complex technological and environmental issues in a way that makes them approachable and understandable to buyers. 

For many years, we have almost exclusively focused on these industries and gained a level of inbound marketing experience and expertise in these niches that very few marketing agencies in the world can match — and it shows in the quality of content and leads we produce.

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Designed To Drive Growth

Traditionally, websites are redesigned every two to three years. However, the needs and goals of an organization change much more rapidly. Equally, user expectations and functions are evolving faster than ever before. 

3P Creative Group is proud to be one of the first HubSpot agencies to be Growth-Driven Design (GDD) certified and to offer our clients this agile way of designing and developing websites. 

Rather than spending a large lump sum every few years, GDD works like a retainer agreement. Within the first 30 to 45 days, you will go live with a Launchpad website. After that, we will follow a strategic game plan that is constantly revised based on user feedback and input — making this the best website it can be!



Why Hire Us To (Re-)Design Your Website?

Sure, purchase a template and build your website yourself. You could hire a cheap freelancer who churns out five to ten websites monthly. You could even hire a fancy NYC marketing agency and pay a premium dollar for a flashy website design. 

Or you could partner with us, 3P Creative Group, an award-winning, full-service, inbound marketing firm. Our clients often tell us that the difference is apparent right from the start. We pride ourselves on being proactive, value-driven, result-oriented, and professional. Because we specialize in B2B technology companies and sustainable/regenerative businesses, we are picky about which clients we take on based on how much tangible business value we can produce for them. 


We Can't Wait To Hear About Your New Website Project!

Whether you are looking for a one-time web redesign, a short-term web development project, or an ongoing Growth-Driven Design partner, we are excited to hear about your project.

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