They Ask, You Answer DIY: Guided Digital Training

Everything you need to master TAYA on your own


What Is Guided Digital Training For TAYA?

Contrary to the 1:1 coach-led mastery program or the cohort mastery program, this digital training path focuses on enabling you as an organization to master They Ask You Answer on your own by providing you with all the digital training resources you need to be successful.

What you get:

  • Certified coach-led workshop to align your marketing and sales team
  • Certified coach-led Quarterly Planning Session
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Weekly online lessons and homework
  • Accountability tracking through digital scorecards
  • Resources like quality checklists, workbooks, best practices, templates, hiring playbooks, and more
  • Asynchronous support via email/video messages


  • Designated They Ask You Answer leader within your organization who holds the rest of the team accountable
  • Impact+ Pro Membership for every team member participating in the training
  • Recommended internal resources: content manager, videographer, and Hubspot/website manager

What's the cost & time commitment?



$1,500 monthly for 12 months for coaching (can be extended as needed)
+ $2,000 setup fee (one-time)
Additional Costs To Be Considered:
  • $2000+/year: Impact+ Pro Membership for every team member
  • $1,000/month Software Licenses (HubSpot Marketing Pro & CMS, SEMRush or equivalent, Vidyard/Loom/ or similar) 
  • Content Manager's and Videographer's salary ($45,000 to $65,000/year for entry-level positions)
  • Video equipment ($1,800 and $10,000)

Time Commitment:

~ 3-4 hours per week/team member for self-learning + implementation 

Includes Invaluable Resources:

  • Digital scorecards (one primary scorecard and five detailed scorecards) to track quarterly progress toward mastery
  • Quality checklists for Big 5 articles and Selling 7 videos
  • Quality checklists for 1:1 personalized videos, virtual selling, and assignment selling
  • Sample job descriptions and hiring playbook for supportive roles such as content manager and videographer
"For those of you looking for top-tier sales coaching, Hannah is the way to go. I've been working with Hannah for about a year now and it has been phenomenal."
John Matthew Ortiz

Sales Manager, MiaRec

Is TAYA Digital Training For You?

Your company is likely a good fit for this program if:

  • You are a small to medium-sized business
  • You are the CEO (owner/founder) and will act as the They Ask You Answer leader for your organization
  • You currently have no or a very small marketing team, but you are willing to hire an in-house content manager and videographer
  • You have a small, but very driven sales team willing to embrace They Ask You Answer

You are likely going to be successful in implementing They Ask You Answer by yourself and guided digital training if:

  • You, as the TAYA leader, understand that TAYA is a philosophy that requires a cultural change.
  • You are a team of self-starters thirsty to learn new things and willing to push past the hard stuff.
  • You will hold your team responsible and accountable for your success

How To Get Started

Schedule a meeting

Ready to learn more? Schedule a free meeting with your coach to learn if this guided digital training path is right for your organization's They Ask You Answer mastery journey.

Get to know your coach

This first conversation will be with the coach you would be working with, not a salesperson, which will give you a first impression of what coaching would be like. 

Mutually agree to move forward (or not)

We only take on coaching clients that are a good fit (e.g., they are willing to put in the work and are open to constructive feedback) and we hope that you are very picky as well with whom you trust your growth to. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hannah Eisenberg is a They Ask, You Answer certified coach who specializes in helping smaller sales teams (5-10 reps) excel by sharpening their soft skills. She has more than 20+ years of digital marketing and sales experience and has worked for both large companies like SAP and smaller Microsoft partners in the B2B technology space.

Although we start every client engagement with the expectation that we will work together for the agreed-upon time, you are not locked into that. We believe that if you decide to work with us, you must receive clear value. If you don't receive any value, you have the right to stop the engagement with us. 

The program ends when you graduate, meaning you reach an 80+ score on your They Ask, You Answer Mastery Scorecard. Usually, within a cohort setting, this takes about 24 months.

There are three ways to implement They Ask, You Answer: DIY/digital training path, cohort/small group program, and with 1:1 coaching.

Small group or cohort mastery programs are designed to have some individual components (e.g., the quarterly planning sessions, initial workshop, and bi-weekly TAYA leader synch) while most of the actual training happens in a group setting.