Don't Wait For Your Leads To Contact You.

Not knowing who is coming to your website can be very frustrating. But there is no reason why you should feel like you are constantly in the dark!

We equip your website with the ability to track your visitors' movements on your website. Then we offer helpful resources, such as eBook, whitepapers, and checklists, that your visitors cannot resist. Once they enter some personal data in exchange for the download or access to the resource, you know exactly what website pages they viewed, which blog posts they read, and which other landing paged they were interested in.

This allows you to better understand, which products or services they are interested in, what stage of the buying process they are in, and how to follow up — making the sales conversation a friendly, helpful, and proactive outreach rather than a cold, unprepared outreach! 

90% of your website visitors won't be ready to make a purchase decision just yet. Rather than passively waiting for them to come to you, we can nurture them with personalized, yet automated workflows over time until they are ready to be handed over to your sales team as hot leads.


How We Generate Leads

Over the past years, we have generated tens of thousands of qualified leads for our technology, software, and sustainability clients by:

  • Carefully crafting valuable marketing assets and highly converting landing pages that your visitors simply cannot resit
  • Adding enticing call-to-action buttons in strategic places and promoting these lead magnets on social media, etc.
  • Instantly following up with a personalized email or enrolling them in an automated workflow for nurturing
  • Collecting all relevant contact information in a central CRM (of course, GDPR-compliant fashion where applicable)
  • Scoring all leads based on criteria agreed upon with your sales team

Our lead generation services are part of our Inbound Marketing engagements. The monthly investment depends on your needs, the size of your current contact database, and of course how ambitious your goals are.  They are based on a value-based point price system that allows us to adjust our services to where you need us most. 

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How Our Lead Generation Will Impact Your Bottom Line

Our team has extensive experience generating leads for B2B companies, especially for technology companies, software manufacturers (Microsoft Partners is our specialty), as well as sustainable / Triple Bottom Line businesses. Our customers highly enjoy the following benefits:

  • Stop relying on black books and cold calling. Noone likes cold calling and solely relying on individuals' connections to generate new business is a risky proposition. By turning your website into a lead generation engine, you shift towards a reliable, growing pipeline of incoming leads.
  • Highly qualified leads. Because our lead generation efforts are laser-focused on the needs of your buyer personas, the generated leads will be highly qualified and interested in your products or services.
  • Nurturing over time. Without Inbound Marketing, your lead will complete most of the buying decision process without you. Through lead nurturing you can influence your visitors by providing them with helpful information along the way. 
  • Significantly decrease the amount of time your sales person spends on prospecting, data input, and lead research/verification — freeing up your sales person to spend the majority of their time to do what they do best: sell,
  • Keep all sales records stored in a central and safe location, accessible only by authorized users. This prevents the old-fashioned, non-collaborative "black book" mindset and gets everyone working towards to same goals.

Boost Your Website's Conversion Rate

Healthy inbound-optimization should turn about 1-3% of your website visitors into leads — depending on your niche, the quality of your inbound marketing program and ... well, that's where the problem is: sometimes you just don't know!

Your gut tells you that your website should be doing more in terms of drumming up new business, but you simply cannot put your finger on what you should be doing differently. 

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