All Things Technical.

Jeremy Eisenberg is the CFO and co-founder of 3P Creative Group.

Before forming 3P Creative Group (formerly Organic SEO Press) Jeremy worked for several accounting firms, ranging from very small (5 people) to midsize (~50 people). Accounting was definitely not his passion, so Jeremy started to branch out from his normal accounting duties into solving the IT problems at hand. He also started teaching new hires how to use different software and basic accounting (even though he received no formal training himself) and taught himself the federal and local government proprietary reporting systems on the fly for new clients.

Needless to say, the accounting was not working out for Jeremy. He took a job with his brother Scott, a successful NYC real estate attorney and business networking coach to use his skills more effectively.

After moving abroad with his family in 2010 due to Hannah’s job transfer, Jeremy decided to take some time off, immerse himself into the country and language. During the time off, Jeremy started an online search engine optimization course at the University of Binghamton, NY and taught himself how to develop websites in WordPress.

Organic SEO Press was born. Jeremy and Hannah, who had left her job in the meantime to join the new venture, wanted to provide SEO services not focused on tricks and the latest fads, but rather sustainable organic growth through content with a solid SEO foundation.

It wasn’t until Hannah discovered HubSpot that they were able to put a name to what they were trying to do, which was Inbound Marketing without a methodology behind it. Fast forward to today and Jeremy is Inbound & HubSpot certified, and his company 3P Creative Group is HubSpot Partner certified.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I am an enthusiastic hobby chef. I love to hunt our garden, food forest, and the local Farmer's Markets for fresh, organic, and in-season produce. Mostly, I cooks classic Italian cuisine and is a big Fabio Viviani fan. But most of all, I love how excited my two daughters get about healthy eating, cooking with me, and judging me Chopped! style.
  • Hannah and I recently bought three acres of woods in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. Since then, I have not only learned how to take down dead trees by myself (and grown a lumberjack appropriate beard), but also how to care and restore the forest we are now stewards off.
  • If you would have told me five years ago, that I would have chickens, I would have told you, you are crazy. But here, we are. This year, we are raising 60 meat chickens, 8 heritage Bourbon Red turkeys, 6 Khaki Campbell ducks, and 15 egg -laying hens.