Inbound Sales Enablement As The Natural Extension Of Your Inbound Marketing Program

Put yourself in your prospect's shoes for a minute. Let's say you have been researching a certain product or service and one company really stands out by way of its thought leader content, personalized emails, and helpful resources. How would you feel if, now that you are ready to talk to a sales person, you get a standard pitch deck and hard ball sales tactics? Not good, right?

By doing Inbound Sales Enablement, you naturally extend your Inbound Marketing into your sales efforts. This way, you can build on the rapport you have already established and you can continue to be helpful and supportive while having your lead's best interest in mind — resulting in a better mutual relationship, increased trust, lessened price sensitivity, and faster deal closing times. 


Inbound Sales At Its Best

For more than five years, our agency has successfully enabled software manufacturers, technology companies, sustainable businesses, and other organizations to tune into the power of Inbound Sales by:

  • Helping you set up and customize your (Hubspot) CRM system, including defining specific company and contact properties, setting up custom deal pipelines, lead rotations, and much more.
  • Enabling you to discover new leads through efficient prospecting or prioritizing your contact database to find the most promising leads based on predefined criteria and their previous behavior.
  • Providing your team with prewritten sound bite snippets, email templates, or entire sales sequences for frequently used sales scenarios. These can be easily customized and personalized by the sales person.
  • Creating helpful sales playbooks, including competitive battle cards,  positioning statements, Inbound-friendly pitch decks, and more.

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How Our Inbound Sales Enablement Will Impact Your Sales Team's Efficiency

Our proven approach to Inbound Sales Enablement has direct impact on your sales team's efficiency, close rate, and most importantly, revenue generation by enabling you to:

  • Significantly decrease the amount of time your sales person spends on prospecting, data input, and lead research/verification — freeing up your sales person to spend the majority of their time to do what they do best: sell
  • Automate your sales process through technology, such as chat bots, automated task reminders, and meeting links, to help you eliminate the lengthy (and frustrating) back-and-forth
  • Make your lead feel special and appreciated through lightning responses and timely outreach, for example, through an automatic notification when your lead opens an email, visits a certain website page (e.g., your pricing page), or performs another sales-relevant action
  • Reduce the need to give steep discounts or concessions in order to close deals, as Inbound Sales and our enablement services rely on relationship and trust building over time
  • Keep all sales records stored in a central and safe location, accessible only by authorized users, which prevents the old-fashioned, non-collaborative "black book" mindset and gets everyone working towards the same goals

Our Inbound Sales Enablement services are extremely versatile and are offered in the form of 6- to 12-month retainers — usually as part of an Inbound Marketing engagement. The monthly investment depends on your needs, the size of your current contact database, and of course, how ambitious your goals are, but generally ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. They are based on a value-based point price system that allows us to adjust our services to where you need us most. [Learn more about our value-based point pricing.]

Inbound Sales Training & Kickstart Program

If you have the internal resources for ongoing content creation, but want some help getting started, we can help, too. Our Inbound Sales Training & Kickstart Program will get:

  • Your sales people on board with and excited about the Inbound philosophy (workshop) and trained in Inbound Sales (over 6 weeks)
  • Your (Hubspot) CRM set up, customized, and ready to use
  • Your content team trained and ready to go to produce all the required sales emails, presentations, and playbooks in house

This short three-month engagement (plus three months of support) gives you a significant head start and everything you need to successfully embrace Inbound Sales on your own.

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