Outbound Marketing Interrupts & Overwhelms.

If you ever have been at Times Square at night, you know how overwhelming the bombarding of advertisement messages can be. Or how annoying, if you are watching your favorite show and have commercials every 10 minutes or so. It clogs up your life with unwanted emails, catalogs and Yellow Pages books. And the amount of marketing messages a day is simply overwhelming consumers.

According to Jay Walker-Smith, Yankelovich Consumer Research, the amount of ads we are exposed to has multiplied by 10 in the past 40 something years: “We’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970s to as many as 5,000 a day today.”

Selective Consumption & Inbound Marketing

Selective consumption is the basic principle behind Inbound Marketing – a marketing concept made popular by HubSpot.

Paul Roetzer explains it in his book The Marketing Agency: “In essence, consumers are tuning out traditional, interruption-based marketing methods and choosing when and where to interact with brands.

Customers are learning how to block out all the noise.

Consumers research online, decide when and where to connect with your business and make informed decisions.

Your job as a business is to be found in search results and offer informative content. Help your potential customers along on the journey and nurture the budding relationship. This is what Inbound Marketing is all about.