Why Hire Us For A Short-Term Project?

Today, in-house marketing teams are expected to handle an enormous variety of tasks — from updating website copy, designing social media graphics, and writing regular blog posts, to hosting lead-generating webinars and crafting sales email templates. However, most marketers, even if they excel at a few marketing techniques, are generally master of none.

If a project comes up that they are not comfortable with, they often hire a freelance graphic designer or other "professional". However, this will lead to sub-par results. By hiring 3P Creative Group, a full-service inbound marketing company, for a short-term campaign or project, you can:

  • Utilize our wide range of experience and expertise across all marketing disciplines — resulting in the best outcome for your need. 
  • Quickly bridge an existing gap in in-house skills or resources while your team is getting up-to-speed or you go through your hiring process.
  • Get an outside opinion to boost your current marketing efforts and quickly learn the tricks of the trade from an award-winning agency.


Long-Term Retainers vs. Short-Term Projects

Long-Term Retainers

  • Usually require a 12+ month commitment and consist of a mix of inbound marketing activities that build a strong long-term foundation as well as short-term campaigns
  • Enable you to pursue strategic goals resulting in sustainable growth (e.g., build a consistently increasing lead pipeline) for years to come
  • Create a longstanding partnership with your marketing agency and are built on mutual trust. This allows your marketing agency to truly become part of your team and gain expertise in your business

Short-Term Projects

  • Vary in length from one to six months and are restricted to a specific inbound marketing campaign or initiative, such as a product launch or marketing an event
  • While short-term initiatives can result in a significant boost to your number of website visits, leads, or customers, they usually fizzle out and do not create long-term results.
  • They are a great way to "try out" an agency before committing to a long-term retainer. 


Automate (Yet Personalize) Your Sales Process

Did you know that in our fast-paced world full of distractions (did anyone say *squirrel*?), it takes an average of eight follow-ups before a lead makes a purchase decision? However, most salespeople give up after only two attempts! The reasons for this are simple:

  • There isn’t enough time in the day to follow up with dozens of leads every week multiple times and
  • Most salespeople aren’t great copywriters and hate writing emails!

The only way to solve this is sales enablement that automates personalized follow-up. Our professional, US-based copy writing team isn't only Hubspot Inbound Sales Certified, but has written thousands of successful sales follow-up emails. 

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Host Your First Lead-Gen Webinar With Us

Webinars are excellent lead generation tools when done right. Not only are they a great way to connect with a specific target audience but they allow you to establish trust in real time.

Unfortunately, webinars are also a logistical nightmare. Aside from the initial investment (on average $3,000), there are a lot of moving parts behind each webinar so it’s extremely difficult to know where to start!

Often, important details are overlooked, and the full requirements aren’t realized until it’s far too late — leading to an embarrassing scenario that could cost you hard-earned trust and dent your reputation.

In our 8-week webinar initiative, we will not only handle everything from planning, organizing, marketing, and promoting the webinar, but also leave you with a proven process template for future webinars. 

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing For Your Tradeshow

The average tradeshow (including a small, refurbished booth design, travel expenses, printing material, etc.) will cost you about $25,000!

By using inbound marketing to promote your participation, you will ensure a steady flow of quality traffic to your booth and therefore a happy sales team and maximum return on investment.

We will craft blog posts, social media messages, and emails to let everyone know where to find you, what to expect at the booth, and even talk about the hot topics to position you as a thought leader that people will want to have a conversation with! We will even enable you to let your prospects schedule a meeting with your team directly.

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Lead Generation

Conversion Optimization

Have you been doing inbound marketing for a long time? Is your website attracting thousands of visitors a month? Great! But attracting strangers to your website is only the first step. Your website should turn about 1-3% of these visitors into leads on a consistent basis!

While conversion rate optimization is an ongoing effort and will need to be a long-term goal, it can be beneficial to give it a big boost by bringing in an outside agency to spot the bottlenecks or spot opportunities you have not explored.

We will work closely with your team to figure out what exactly is holding up your conversions and how to remove these obstacles. Depending on the exact problem, our team of experienced inbound marketing specialists will work on your landing pages, thank you pages, and call-to-actions to boost conversions. Then we will teach your team how to improve going forward.

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Looking For Something Else?

We Are Happy To Help With Other Projects, Too!

We are happy to help with all sorts of short-term projects, whether this means supporting a product launch with a unique inbound marketing campaign, creating thought leadership content in the form of a pillar page asset, or something else — as long as we feel that we are a good fit and we can provide tangible value for your organization. 

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