Your Customer's Experience Shouldn't Suffer Because The Deal Is Closed

Customer experience is crucial the the financial health and longevity of any technology company, software manufacturer, or sustainable business. Not only are 86% of consumers willing to pay more for a great customer experience, but in fact, by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. (Source: Walker

To accommodate this growing need, we utilized our extensive customer engagement and content marketing experience and created a new service, called Customer Service Enablement, that will allow you to take your customer experiences to the next level. 


Customer Experiences Done Right

Our Customer Service Enablement services allow you to:

  • Iteratively improve customer happiness as you gain actionable insights into your customers and their needs and preferences,

  • Build a powerful people-driven customer support experience that ensures your staff is not only on top of all tickets, but manages them in the most efficient and helpful manner, and
  • Offer a comprehensive, well-structured, and searchable knowledge base allowing users to find solutions using self-service (method of support preferred by most consumers).

This service can be utilized standalone, but is much more efficient with a HubSpot Service Hub subscription (purchased separately through HubSpot).

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Invest In Customer Service Enablement For A Tangible Return-on-Investment

Our proven approach to Inbound Sales Enablement has direct impact on your sales team's efficiency, close rate, and most importantly revenue generation by enabling you to:

  • Significantly decrease the amount of time your sales person spends on prospecting, data input, and lead research/verification — freeing up your sales person to spend the majority of their time to do what they do best: sell,
  • Automate your sales process through technology, such as chat bots, automated task reminders, and meeting links, to help you eliminate the lengthy (and frustrating) back-and-forth,
  • Make your lead feel special and appreciated through lightening responses and timely outreach, for example, through an automatic notification when your leads opens an email, visits a certain website page (e.g., your pricing page), or performs another sales-relevant action,
  • Reduce the need to give steep discounts or concessions in order to close deals as Inbound Sales and our enablement services rely on relationship and trust building over time.
  • Keep all sales records stored in a central and safe location, accessible only by authorized users. This prevents the old-fashioned, non-collaborative "black book" mindset and gets everyone working towards to same goals.

Our Inbound Sales Enablement services are extremely versatile, are offered in form of 6 to 12-month retainers — usually as part of an Inbound Marketing engagement. The monthly investment depends on your needs, the size of your current contact database, and of course how ambitious your goals are, but generally range from $2,000 to $4,000.  They are based on a value-based point price system that allows us to adjust our services to where you need us most. [Learn more about our value-based point pricing.]

Inbound Sales Training & Kickstart Program

If you have the internal resources for ongoing content creation, but want some help getting started, we can help, too. Our Inbound Sales Training & Kickstart Program will get:

  • Your sales people on board with and excited about the Inbound philosophy (workshop) and trained in Inbound Sales (over 6 weeks),
  • Your (Hubspot) CRM set up, customized and ready to use,
  • Your content team trained and ready to go to produce all the required sales emails, presentations, and playbooks in house,

This short three-month engagement (plus three months of support) gives you a significant head start and everything you need to successfully embrace Inbound Sales on your own.

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